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Designed to toe the line between social engagement and professional networking, our Creative Mixers aim to create a casual and agenda-free space for creatives to surround themselves with like-minded people. It offers those who work from home, or who work within organizations, to move beyond their desks and meet new and interesting people over a common activity, interest, and idea.

Our second Creative Mixer took on a fresh format and was an intimate session, with a cozy fireside-style talk with contemporary artist Mansha Chhatwal. We had a group of deeply engaged architects, designers, entrepreneurs, and more, coming together to engage with art and share their newfound insights with each other. Paired with delicious nibbles from a bespoke bakery and flowing drinks, our 30 young professionals definitely thought it a success!

Through the night we met young people, all under 40, from careers ranging from architecture to fashion blogging, digital marketing to journalism. It was an eclectic mix of personalities which made every interaction unique. What made the night extra special was artist Mansha Chhatwal's presentation of some of her key book-based artworks, and her journey as an artist. She delved deeply into themes like book-burning, censorship, and the impact young thinkers and writers such as our attendees might do to create a better future. Rapt with Mansha's stories and insights, the conversation quickly spread to politics, equality, representation and ethics. 

With an additional book-based ice-breaker activity, there was no way attendees could leave without having bonded with at least 3 new people. Our partners at Svasa Life magazine, who champion artists such as Mansha ensured that everyone had taken home keepsakes to remember the night by.

If you'd like to attend or collaborate with us for future Praxis events or Mixers, just email us!

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