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Praxis’ association with independent research project, Play Fare, continued in our second session with a renewed curiosity for the culinary eccentricities that emerged from the British Raj. With a post-Covid boom in Mumbai’s nightlife and hospitality scene, and a renewed romanticism for cozy cafes, historic locales and the city’s hidden gems, this session served as the perfect post-work engagement for hungry minds.

We hosted this edition of our ever-popular eating-and-thinking session at KMC*, a fitting backdrop given their location along Heritage Mile and their forward approach to comfort food. We educated, entertained, and engaged a rapt audience around KMC’s community tables, inds and bellies full with cups of masala chai and plates of mashed potato with lavash.

We invited participants to reflect not only on their learnings, but also their own personal histories to convert their unique experiences into the menu items for an imagined restaurant. From breakfast-first foodtrucks to modern fine dining that turned Orientalism on its head, our participants curated menus had our mouths watering!

“We were five women from various walks of life. We held hands as we traveled back in time, plate by plate. This led to a conversation between strangers that was strung together with an emotion that transcended mere sentiment.” shared Vasvi Kejriwal in her piece for Praxis Journal.

If you’d like us to host Guest Special for your group or team, reach out and we’ll be happy to curate such sessions for you!

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