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<p class="font_8">The mere presence of humans has inherently imprinted many spaces and places. Consequently, we tried to capture them through the very act of photography. This lens-based practice has introduced a world of cartography and become the ultimate go-to tool for memory making or what we formally call “archives”. While the quintessentially famous Bombay monsoons continue to liven up this fast-moving buzzling city, three contemporary design spaces urge all Mumbaikars to halt for a moment and celebrate some classic kodak moments. So, here is a quick monsoon art guide with a zoomed in focus into photography, as a contemporary art practice.</p>
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<p class="font_8">AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A LINE&nbsp;<br>
<em><strong>Nasreen Mohamedi</strong></em></p>
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<p class="font_8">A minimalist by aesthetic, Nasreen Mohamedi defined the very idea of a “line” through her art. These untitled vintage photo prints introduce, highlight, and celebrate an abstract perspective to the rather mundane everyday objects. The world is full of geometry, symmetry, rhythm and harmony, the very foundations of a visual composition. Marking the very starting point of this foundation is the “line”, that Mohamedi explores through her monochrome aesthetic. These captured lines coexist in calm silent spaces and trance the viewers from defined environments to abstract forms.<br>
Do catch this exquisite exhibit at <a href="" target="_blank">Chatterjee &amp; Lal</a> on display till September 3.</p>

Anushka Gupta

Poet-historian Anushka Gupta delves deeper into the lanes of “Bombay” as she captures them beautifully, almost frozen in time. The visual curation is organised into theme based cosy corners, transporting  the viewers to some of the iconics as well as the hidden gems. These corners include lesser-known Iranian cafes, stairwells, last standing single screen cinema halls, libraries and many more. Complimenting the monochrome photo-prints are some intriguing narratives and conversations Gupta encountered while capturing these landmarks, which are currently housed in Abode Bombay until August 14.

Khotachi Wadi in Design Context 
From Bruno Ferreira Archives

Departing from the previously explored overview of Bombay, this exhibition further zooms into a lane of Mumbai, Khotachi Wadi - a heritage precinct where built structures and cultural elements trace their antiquity to the early 19th century. Curated by historian, academic and fourth generation local resident, André Baptista, this exhibition explores complex histories of a neighbourhood wherein interesting stories dwell. Unravel these intriguing histories as they come to life in the heart of this cultural corner of Mumbai at 47-A.

The exhibition continues until September 9.

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