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Designers in today’s world often come with a variety of skillsets, and must be able to move between disciplines to engage with multi-platform projects. Often in the journey of acquiring new skills, the pursuit of mastering another is lost. To keep everyone’s print and typography skills refreshed, we crafted a unique 2 day workshop for the team of Bangalore-based design agency, CORE Experiences. The sessions acted as a leveller for designers of varying backgrounds and experiences, and grounded a diverse team in the necessary (and often overlooked) basics of print and typography. A baseline, so to speak, for everyone to begin their type journeys from.

A combination of interactive presentations, in-studio assignments and reviews, and hands on workshops helped the team to realign themselves with the history and theory that drives typography. We refined some basic type-related skills, and used real world examples to develop a critical lens to evaluating font pairings and appropriate usage. A balance of theory-based learning and critical analysis was crucial for all our participants to apply these skills in their individual projects.

A natural compliment to typography were sessions related to print processes. We explored not only the evolution of printing technologies, but encouraged participants to engage with the physicality of the print process through a linocut printing workshop hosted with Harmeet Sodhi, the founder of Print Club Delhi.

Praxis is dedicated to enabling a holistic education for designers who must be experts at everything they do. If you’d like to engage with print and typography, reach out and we’ll be happy to curate such sessions for you

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