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To kickstart our very first collaborative event, we worked with food designer and architect Jashan Sippy of Sugar and Space to develop How Do We Eat From Here? This interactive hybrid workshop explored the theme of futures through the lens of food and consumption. Through a 90 minute session, we guides online and in-person participants on the fundamentals of futures thinking— an essential tool for designers, researchers, and entrepreneurs— to imagine the possibilities of cooking and eating in the years to come.

The workshop involved orienting participants with a core futures thinking tool, The Cone of Possibilities, and learning about the key trends are indicative towards future innovations. Framing this knowledge through the lens of food design, Jashan shared insights into key movements that were likely to become central to the food industry, ranging from emotional binges to outdoor eating. The interactive exercise invited participants to imagine their own kitchens and question the way everyday ingredients might be used to ensure zero-waste. Jashan took participants through a specially developed recipe that explored the various ways a simple carrot may be cooked and eaten. We experienced how an unassuming vegetable can be used to create diverse textures and flavours, and be enjoyed stem and all!

If you’d like us to host How Do We Eat From Here for your group or event, reach out and we’ll be happy to curate such sessions for you.

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