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Introducing Praxis Studio Tours, a format aimed at giving audiences an insight into the workings of different creative practices and a behind the scenes look into how projects come to life. Our inaugural Tour, Ways of Making, gave attendees a chance to decode the iconic luxury brand, Forest of Chintz, straight from the creative minds who imagined it. The session offered an in-depth view on brand building through a multidisciplinary lens that brought together fashion, architectural, and graphic design.

Created as an interactive jury-style presentation, Way of Making featured Sumangali Gada and Nitai Mehta (Forest of Chintz), Rabia Gupta (rgd), and Roshni Kshirsagar (SJK Architects) as they reflected on their individual and collective journeys in the brand's founding. Our attendees got a never-before-seen look into the process behind building a unique brand story of colours, concepts and craftsmanship. Between the plans and elevations, moodboards, equity pyramids, concept sketches, and even an exclusive tour of the karigar's studio, our attendees uncovered the intricate details and incredible lengths that designers must go to, to build a cohesive story. 

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