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With its roots in Kolkata, Bowl Curry has humble beginnings in 1978. Its founder, famously known as Munna Maharaj, began his empire by becoming a household name in the catering sector. Today, the brand expands across India, and the globe, to bring his original recipes into every kitchen.

With a refreshed logo and visual identity, we worked closely with Bowl Curry to expand the system onto boxes for their ready-to-cook products. To suit a new international market, we positioned the brand as authentically Indian — appealing to the discerning tastebuds of those who know the difference between curry powder and garam masala. We leaned heavily on the idea that it is the unique haath ka swaad that makes each curry truly home-style.

Balancing Indianness while remaining visually fresh and modern was key to the design. Inspired by vintage labels, stickers, and stamps, the redesigned boxes cue a uniquely local nostalgia while decluttering the previously confusing information hierarchy for consumers. Reintroducing Devanagari type and crafting more story-like copy around the brand’s roots in India made it proudly desi.