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Editorial Design, Presentation Design

Festivals from India is an emerging platform brought to life through an India-UK initiative with the British Council and the Art-X Company. The platform seeks to systematize one of the largest disorganized sectors within the Indian art and culture indutry— festivals. FFI makes available tools, resources, reports, calendars and more to both festival goers and organizers.

A part of FFI’s work includes quantification and documentation of the Indian festivals sector, to encourage better funding and skill capacities. Praxis was asked to design into a crisp document, their far reaching research into over 700 festivals and deep audience insights.

The design of the research document and pitch deck extends FFI’s colourful visual identity, while also remaining clean and organized for formal use. A de-cluttered hierarchy of text, seamless flow of information, and easy to understand diagrams allowed readers to quickly grasp FFI’s in-depth research and dedication to the festivals sector.

The full report is available to read on the Festivals From India website