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Visual Identity, Branding

Ways of working individually and collectively have seen a massive shift ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. Uncertainty and burnout were common when it came to work-related stress, with little focus on finding a mental balance between work and life. Enter Happy Turtling, founded by Vasudhaa Ahuja. The brand aims at providing coaching services to help clients find clarity when it came to career development and transitions, enabling people to show up better to work and life.

We worked closely with Vasudhaa to incorporate her concept of ‘turtling’ into the visual identity: referring to intentional slowness, resilience, and an ability to endure despite changing tides. An overall look of professionalism, bravery, and dynamism was key to ensuring Happy Turtling reaches an audience that are ready to level-up!

The leaping turtle, with its sweet smile, captures the spirit of Vasudhaa’s new venture: to celebrate the joy of small victories in the larger professional journey. A colour palette of verdant greens and a calming lavender cue active growth and evolution. The identity balances playfulness with professionalism, reflecting the brand’s competencies without straying into self-care or clinical therapy. With a smart and scalable new look, Happy Turtling is set to empower individuals to embrace their full potential in their professional pursuits.