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Branding, Visual Identity

Harsha Bathija is a young photographer on a mission to capture moments of love between families, couples and children. She offers a new approach to clients in India by employing her unique documentary style that is unstaged, unrestricted and authentic. Praxis helped Harsha position her brand and developed a visual identity based on her tagline ‘Tales for a Lifetime’, alluding to the treasuring of precious photographs for generations to come.

Harsha’s visual identity carries cues from classic leather-bound albums which stand the test of time and preserve family memories. The photos were seen as an heirloom, and a service worth investing in for clients of distinguished taste.

Underpinning Harsha’s visual language was the idea of the legacy of love. A elegant customised typeface formed her primary logo with a suite of variations suited for print collaterals. A minimal colour palette is supported by a deep blue and red, lending formality and sophistication to the brand. The delicate pressing of a peepal leaf adds a textural element, alluding to memory and the natural growth of familial ties over time.