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Editorial Design, Curation

The Curator Mag’s second issue sought to unravel how artists navigate issues of the human condition— identity, class, love, and impermanence— through the medium of the human form. Only in investigating the body and its constituents, could the artists of this issue unravel their own humanness, and navigate constructs like ageing, relationships, physicality, and the blurred boundaries between the internal and external.

We worked closely with the editorial team to analyse, research, curate, and write the Discover section of the magazine with artists— primarily female— whose practices cover amongst others, sculpture, photography, and ceramics.

We structured five stories for the section as a progressive understanding of Babette Rothschild’s popular theory that ‘the body remembers’. In doing so we used the works of Loreal Prystaj and Sudipta Das to understand how bodies act as vessels for individual and collective histories. Through the works of Arkadiusz Szwed, Tamsin van Essen, and Ariana Page Russell we see the physicality of embedded stories in our genes. And finally through Patricia Piccinini’s sculptures we begin to image how stories and biology might evolve in the future.