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The success of White Mountain’s delicious cocoa powders inspired the brand to pivot from an artisanal niche to an everyday consumer product that’s good for kids and parents alike. Praxis not only helped White Mountain reimagine their brand, but also redesigned their packaging to celebrate goodness, and a new, healthier recipe!

Driven by goodness, we worked with the White Mountain team to create a pack that not only suited for the product but was also gentle on the environment. Simple glass bottles was the medium of choice, and colourful labels were designed to carry forward the brand’s celebratory visual look.

A sky blue base set the stage for sweetness, freedom from guilt and fun. Despite the bottle’s small size, we leveraged White Mountain’s collection of stickers as quick identifiers for goodness. Copy across the bottle addressed to youthfulness and yumminess— key to attracting a Gen Z audience. The classic cocoa pack creates a simplified system for future flavours while embodying all the key values of White Mountain.