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Visual Identity, Branding

Woman-led global enterprise, Y-Not had a clear mission— to spark joy through their thoughtfully designed products. through their expansive network, they source, manufacture and design delightful merchandise for clients, that fuse imagination with deep consumer satisfaction. Y-Not’s brand system needed to reflect not just their expertise, but the impact they were creating for brands and end-users— vibrant, colourful, and engaging!

We worked closely with Bangalore based CORE Experiences, to develop an identity system that befitted a global B2B and reflected Y-Not’s endearing personality.

We converted Y-Not’s extensive range of products into a series of vibrant graphic assets, held together in a grid of colourful blocks to create a visual language that was flexible, organized, and playful. Maintaining Y-not’s iconic blue at its focus, a palette of joyful hues helped communicate the brand’s spirit in a world of monotoned corporates.